• Uniters North America, LLC is a company

  • Posted on February 13, 2014

  • Uniters North America, LLC is a company that was founded in 2009 by CEO Gordian Tork. It is an extension of a global company called Uniters, which was founded in 1991 by Gordian Tork, who today is both the Chairman and CEO of that firm. The services and products that are offered by Uniters North America, LLC, are considered by many to be amongst the most high quality and cost-effective furniture protection and repair or home care products and services available on the market. They believe that by providing high quality at a low price, they can achieve success in the market.

    Uniters North America, LLC, provides their customers with products and services that are effective, but they also provide access to high quality warranties or service plans. To the best of their abilities, they fashion these so that they are fair—their aim is to offer a helpful service or product which will hopefully transform one-time customers into lifelong partnerships for these products or services. Leather Master, Wood Master, Textile Master, Boat Master, Auto Care Master, and Repair Master are some of the most recognizable brands that are available now in the United States thanks to Uniters North America, LLC. These products and services have been developed at Dr. Tork Laboratories. They are results of more than forty years of extensive research and product development. Dr. Leo Tork is one of the leading researchers in this field and Uniters North America, LLC makes use of his brilliance to help consumers.

    Uniters North America only develops and manufactures environmentally friendly, safe, natural, products, as they do not want to contribute to pollution. Uniters has developed products for cleaning, repairing, or protecting many surfaces, and are looking to develop products for glass, marble, steel, and plastic next. With Dr. Leo Tork in the research laboratories and Gordian Tork leading the business end of the things, there is very little reason to believe they will not accomplish their aims.

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